Burg Bits: Sheryl Crow's Senior Moment

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It seems Burgers weren't the only ones to catch Sheryl Crow drawing a blank on the words to one of her biggest hits.

TMZ reported the singer's "epic flub" that occurred while she was belting out "Soak up the Sun" to an enthused––and enormous––crowd at Vinoy Park last Saturday. 

After asking the audience to supply the words, her explanation evoked laughter from the fans.

"What do you expect? I'm fifty!"

State Theatre Scoop

Everywhere we look, the Burg's rebirth is uncovering old signs of the past. This one, advertising Sealtest Ice cream, was uncovered above the newly opened Oleson Gallery, at 685 Central Avenue, right beside the State Theatre.

James Oleson, owner of the new gallery, said he requested that leave the recently unearthed sign be left as is by property owners. He speculated that it was left there from the days the State operated as a movie theater and that The "Fountain and Restaurant" was added years later.

New Owner Makes la Brasserie his Own

St. Pete Brasserie's new owner, Justin Chamoun, is putting his own stamp on the menu that he said attracted him to the bistro in the first place.

The Plats Signes list introduces Sturgeon--that conveyor of caviar--served with braised artichoke

A new spécialité de la Maison, pan seared Foi Gras will be served with arugula salad and enhanced by pickled cherries.

An Asian-inspired grilled salmon adds a fusion element to the Salad menu. Served with Bok Choy, water chestnuts, edamame and daikon, it's piqued both interest and appetites.

The addition of a smoked salmon linguini and a roasted chicken--served with pork belly white bean escarole ragout are especially intriguing.

A first level sommelier, Justin is also bringing his expertise to the wine cellar, with regular wine dinners and tastings. The "Sparkling Germain," a blend of sparkling wine & St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur is designed to bring the chill just in time for summer. 

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