Food News: Mazzaro's and Moscato's Expand Spaces & Offerings

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Mazzaro's Expands Its Casa

The Italian fanfare continues with Mazzaro’s Italian Market’s expansion, Casa di Mazzaro, next to Mazzaro's at 3001 22nd Ave. N. The extension of the 'Burg's favorite Italian market will be focused on three things: quality houseware for the kitchen, specialty teas, and unique gifts (think chocolates, cards, soaps, jewelry, and the like).

“We were running out of room in the market.” says Mazzaro’s Cindy Richmond. “Now people will be able to come over after getting their food to get what they need for the cooking and serving part of the meal.” Cindy says that Casa di Mazzaro will be open within the next seven to ten days. Cooks, tea-lovers, and gift shoppers rejoice!

Soul No More, Moscato's Bella Cucina Takes on Space 

First, the bad news. The high-end, soul food restaurant Soul that was to open this summer in the Kress Building at 475 Central Avenue didn't pan out. Not all good things come to fruition, and alas, the vision just didn’t make it to the streets.

But all is not lost! The growing St. Pete restaurant scene marches forward, and we’ve confirmed that local Italian restaurant Moscato’s Bella Cucina, currently on 449 Central Ave., is expanding into the 6,000 square foot space on 475 Central Ave (just a few steps away on the same block). Buzz includes opening a full bar, event space, and perhaps even catering. This is just a teaser of what’s to come and we’re definitely excited about their impending move and growth!

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