Food and Resto Updates (01.20.12)

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Ruby's is Jazzin' it Up

Photo by Carol Gallagher
Ruby's Elixir, at 15 3rd St N, is concocting a mixture designed to perk up the 'Burg's already healthy night life.
Martini Bombac, new part owner of the newly revived Ruby's, has contagious enthusiasm for Ruby's rejuvenation. New, clean decor--featuring a brick wall à la Chicago blues--and refined customer service are only the beginning. Martini says he'll be offering fine wines, by the bottle, as well as interesting cocktails. He'll be keeping everyone's favorite rums and whiskeys well stocked, too. Plans for nightly live music, of all styles, make this renewal an elixir for all. Ruby's Grand Re-Opening is uncorked Saturday, January 21st.

Tequila, Taps and Poutine in the 'Burg

Sebastian Huber, formerly of Tastings, is working on a new project, to open in the spot where the DoubleWide used to be on 1235 Central Ave. Tequila and Taps will be an upscale Tequila Lounge inside, and a German Bier Garden on the outside. They plan to offer high end tequilas like Patron and 1800, along with their own, custom designed infusions. 

The Bier Garden, which Sebastian says will include a selection of locally brewed craft beers, will have around 25 taps, and 50 bottled brews. T & T are also planning to bring a little French Canadian flavor to the Cuban-inspired lounge, offering Poutine. If you're not acquainted with poutine, it's the ultimate in guilty pleasures; french fries and curd cheese, smothered in gravy. Sebastian says he's happy that the Greenbench Brewing Company and Ricky P's new resto are all coming to the same small block.

"It makes this area a real destination for people."

Edible Peace Patch to Bloom at Sanderlin Elementary School

images courtesy the Edible Peace Patch Project.
Teaching kids about sustainable foods and a healthy diet doesn't have to involve a blackboard.

The Edible Peace Patch Project--a homegrown organization that builds and manages schoolyard food gardens--is partnering with Sanderlin Elementary School to plant a student assisted garden.

A ribbon cutting ceremony at the school is open to the public, scheduled for Saturday, January 21 at 9am. In a release, Kip Curtis, assistant professor of environmental studies at Eckerd College, says: “We are very excited about the potential this project has to bring the concepts of sustainable urban gardening to kids living in the less affluent side of St. Petersburg,” 

Work on the garden will commence immediately after the ribbon cutting ceremony. Gardner volunteers will be employing the Hugelkultur method, where the garden is raised on a mound of rotten wood, has proven to be a very effective approach to the urban garden. The wood at the interior ensures the deep soil of the raised bed becomes increasingly rich and loaded with soil life, requiring no tilling, and no irrigation.

Speeding to a Crawl

As you know, 'Burgers love a good pub crawl, and there's a new business springing up to satify that urge. Tampa Bay Crawls  plans to specialize in themed bar, progressive dining and wine-tasting crawls, starting with the Snuggie Bar Crawl on February 11th.

The owners, who've been in the 'Burg fo 6 years, have been doing the crawls for fun, so they really have a handle on what people enjoy. Last year they brought a group of 35 crawlers wearing snuggles to a well known downtown mollusk eatery. The other patrons thought it looked like such a great idea, the manager broke out some table cloths so his other customers would feel properly dressed. Register for the inaugural Snuggie crawl at the downtown World of Beer at 6:30 pm. Tickets are $12 online or $15 at the door. 

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