How to be Gluten Free in the Burg Vol. 1

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At this point the rumors that going Gluten Free is just some dietary trend bound to fade out like moustaches and skinny jeans have been dispelled. Whether you have celiac disease, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's or are simply attempting to cut some of the processing out of your diet, going gluten and/or grain free is a lifestyle choice that St. Pete accommodates. Here are just a few of the spots to dine at in the Burg for those on the gluten-free grind. When in doubt don't forget these 3 magical words, #NOBUNPLEASE.

Trip's Diner

*Photo by Trips Diner 

A diner probably isn't the first place you'd think of for gluten free delights. The omelets at Trip's Diner are safe for the diet, add a side of tomatoes and/or fresh fruit in place of home fries and toast and you have yourself a safe dish! Trip's Diner 2339 9th St N.


*Photo by Bodega

If you're on a highly restrictive diet, the trick is to order the side of lechon, this removes the rice and bolsters the meat. The pollo asado is to die for and a cup of the Chi Chi Rodriguez is a refreshing complement for any meal. Bodega 1120 Central Ave.


*Photo by Foodspotting

BellaBrava has long been acclaimed for its exceptional dishes, menu and atmosphere. Their addition of a gluten free menu only ups the ante of their dishes. Their chicken cobb salad is vibrant and filling and their ahi tuna carpaccio is a light and refreshing blend of ginger, carrot and sesame. BellaBrava 204 Beach Dr NE. 

Three Birds Tavern

*Photo by Three Birds

Continuing with the meat and veggies theme Three Birds Tavern offers great dishes like their generous slab of pork chop with a double side of asparagus. Three Birds Tavern 1492 4th St N.

Rococo Steak

*Photo by Rococo Steak

Farm-To-Fork fresh dishes are churned out at this upscale steakhouse. Between their grass-fed filet, dry aged bone-in filet and wood grilled asparagus, Rococo Steak offers their own brand of top shelf #foodporn that'll leave your taste buds humming for weeks. Rococo Steak 655 2nd Ave S.

Rollin' Oats Cafe & Market

*Photo by Rollin Oats

There are plenty of restaurants now that cater to the gluten-free diet, or at least the restaurant's interpretation of gluten free. However, if you want to be 100% safe and secure with your meals, there's no better restaurant than the one right in your kitchen. Local organic food market and cafe Rollin Oats carry some of the freshest ingredients for safe consumption. Their cafe chicken salad is a go-to as are their coconut cookies. Rollin' Oats 2842 Dr. MLK St. N.

Need any recipe advice? Email us:, we have some grain free goodies that'll make you forget bread ever existed.
Have any more suggestions on restaurants? Leave your picks in the comments below and we'll add it to the next installment!

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