The Ale and the Witch Expands with BBQ Den

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Hold onto your brooms- The Ale and the Witch is back at it. After saying “Adios” to El Metate at its closure, The Ale and the Witch leased the space previously occupied by the Mexican restaurant. 
The place will be appropriately called The Witches BBQ Den. Its owner, Brett Andress, had years of experience working for Lee Roy Selmon’s where he’s also hired some of the folks who will be working in the kitchen.
The Witches BBQ Den plans to open by early April starting with take out and to-go orders which will eventually expand to serving lunch and dinner.
On Tuesday, February 26th, El Metate posted a statement on their Facebook page informing people of their last day of service which was Thursday, February 28th. 
The Ale and the Witch has quickly become one of St. Pete’s must-stop destinations. Featuring 32 unique, individually brewed American craft beers as well as cask ale, this trendy bar offers free live music every night of the week. It boasts a rating of 4 ½ out of 5 stars and Yelp and has fans from St. Pete and beyond. Credit for turning around the entire Plaza Tower & Courtyard Shops goes to The Ale and the Witch as well; since their inception they have brought more and more business to that downtown area.
The Witches BBQ Den will be located at 111 2nd Ave NE, #209 in downtown St. Pete.

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